Race timing technology and in-race data, deployed worldwide.

Using the latest GNSS technology, designed and developed in the high tech cluster surrounding Cambridge University, TPD's Race Pace positioning data streams live racing calculations to on course and off course audiences.

In race, real time positions are transmitted within fractions of a second; facilitating speed, stride length and split time calculations while the race is in progress.

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Total Performance Data powers In Running Odds for bookmakers.

Delivered direct as a data feed, or plug in our custom in-race odds, TPD is opening up new markets for horseracing betting.

With more races than any other supplier, TPD's inventory of in-race data is your go-to source for in-running betting. And we're adding new racecourses all the time.




TPD's unique in-race data stream will give your trading team a competitive edge, enabling you to compete on margin while remaining attractive to punters.


Easy to Integrate

Smooth and instantaneous delivery of our data into your platform. Or plug in our ready made in-running odds. Our source data ensures you have everything you need to go live in-race.


Customer Experience

As we have seen with football, incorporating data points into the betting experience is proven to drive activity. TPD provides all the data you need to facilitate deeper engagement.



Open APIs mean our data can be used as the foundation of new and innovative racing products, opening up racing to augmented reality and gamification for the very first time.

Designed for racecourses around the world, Race Pace from TPD is installed fast and operated easily.

Working with technology and engineers from the world famous Cambridge tech cluster, deploying the latest GPS / GNSS technology, TPD’s race timing solutions offer live sectional timing without significant infrastructure investment.

In race, real time positions are transmitted within fractions of a second; facilitating speed, stride length, sectional times and split time calculations, all while the race is in progress.

Data feeds bring more data to more users, more often. On course and off course.

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"It works very well... a really good, accurate system... hassle free too."

Clerk of the Course,
Arena Racing Company

Horseracing Sectional Times

Race Pace Data from TPD

14 February | Wolverhampton | 17:15 | 17:45 | 18:15 | 18:45 | 19:15 | 19:45 | 20:15 |

14 February | Lingfield
13:50 | 14:20 | 14:50 15:20 | 15:50 | 16:20 | 16:50 | 

8 February | Newcastle
14:05 | 14:40 | 15:10 15:45 | 16:20 | 16:55 | 17:30 |

7 February | Wolverhampton
16:55 | 17:25 | 18:25 | 18:55 19:25 20:25|

6 February | Southwell
13:30 | 14:00 | 14:30 15:05 15:35 16:10 |


Click here for all horseracing sectional times from TPD.

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