TPD In Running Prices - Demo

Total Performance Data has the largest available coverage of live in running data from racing around the world. From this content, live In Running Prices are now available.

In Running Prices Demo.jpg
  • World leading In Play race betting model

  • Developed by data scientists with 10 years of In Play sports trading experience

  • Back tested against 2,000 historic races

  • Monte Carlo model, honed over two years

  • SP odds change every second after race start

  • Live variables: horse velocity, position and distance to the finish

  • 10,000 full race simulations per horse, per second via neural networks

  • In Play prices delivered to clients within 250ms

  • All TPD data from UK and North America available as price feed

  • Over 100 races per week.

  • No Overround

Contact us for a username and password to view the demo.

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