Total Performance Data is opening up new markets for horseracing betting.

With more races than any other supplier, TPD's inventory of in-race data is your go-to source for in-running betting. And we're adding new racecourses all the time.

Delivered direct as a data feed, or plug in our custom in-running prices, TPD supplies datafeeds direct to your system and powers in running betting.


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Direct Datafeeds

TPD's data feeds are delivered direct as a json feed. We have live data, replays and post race data feeds, ready to stream from each racecourse.

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Easy to Integrate

Smooth and instantaneous delivery of our data into your platform. Or plug in our ready made in-running prices. Our source data ensures you have everything you need to go live in-race.


Customer Experience

As we have seen with football, incorporating data points into the betting experience is proven to drive activity. TPD provides all the data you need to facilitate deeper engagement.



Open APIs mean our data can be used as the foundation of new and innovative racing products, opening up racing to augmented reality and gamification for the very first time.