Want more involvement with your horses and their training? 

The TPD Data Dashboard gives owners the tools they need to keep their finger on the pulse of their horse in training and evaluate progression with accurate work times.

Forming the ultimate repository for all the data of all your horses, you can access the information across the yard or across the world, in real time. By graphically displaying the output from the training session, it is easy to interpret the data and see a clear measurement of a horse’s fitness and progress.

Data on heart rate, stride length, location and speed are used to calculate split times, heart beats per minute and meters travelled per stride, relative to speed and location.

A horse’s heart rate and in particular its recovery heart rate can provide extremely useful data on its fitness. The horse’s stride length is another very important piece of information. Any change in stride length can be a significant indicator of possible issues.

All this information is tailored for owners to feel more engaged in the training of their horse.  By systematically displaying data on heart rate and stride length, TPD enables trainers, vets and consultants to precisely monitor progress over time and pinpoint race readiness. Trainers can add videos, photos and their own comments and detail of the horse’s work and progression.

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