We found out it was way more accurate than a human with a stopwatch”
— David Siegel, President, Trackmaster

State of the art training tools, developed specifically for horses, enable trainers to automatically collect and display data on each horses’ performance.  Manual tasks can be automated so the team can concentrate on the art of training, supported by solid analysis.

By systematically collecting data on acceleration and stride length, TPD enables trainers, vets and consultants to precisely monitor progress over time and pinpoint race readiness.

TPD Data Dashboard

TPD Dashboard forms the ultimate repository for all the data of a particular horse, with access across the yard or across the world. By graphically displaying the output from the training session, it is easy to interpret the data and see a clear measurement of a horse’s fitness and progress.

Data on heart rate, stride length, location and speed are used to calculate split times, heart beats per minute and meters travelled per stride, relative to speed and location. Combined with the latest guidance and research on equine heart rates and stride length, the system can be used to design the optimum training program for each individual horse.

Owner comms are handled smoothly by the Dashboard. With access permissioned, on a per horse basis, owners can log in from anywhere to see their horses’ training results, videos and progress.

Treadmill Display Unit

Compatible with all major high speed treadmills, the Treadmill Display Unit consists of a rugged, touch screen PC with built in wifi and 3G. Treadmill training sessions can be monitored more closely with comprehensive, live biometric data, transmitted from a heart rate monitor. Heart rate display, via both ECG detail and beats per minute along with stride length, puts real time data on display while the session is in progress.

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