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With over 7 years of experience in GPS tracking and data provision, TPD are proud to be the global leaders in horse racing data

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Clients & Partners of tSd

tripleSdata SMART suite of solutions sets the highest standard of precision and reliability in real-time positioning and timing. Highly accurate live streaming of race positioning data with real time co-ordinates, live feeds and replays become lively and appealing to a broader audience. Our SMART suite is specifically designed to meet the information gathering requirements of racing jurisdictions throughout the world.

tSd were created because they found a disconnection between the analysis collected for real-time data, and it’s interpretation when merged with the appropriate technology – there was a significant time delay and potential wagering opportunities were not being realised. 

Offering one solution with one common platform, tripleSdata operates globally to collect a variety of sporting data. They shape and streamline the data in to bespoke formats and enhance the experience for broadcasters and spectators. 

TPD delivers pioneering horse racing products by combining real time positional and speed data with advanced data science and innovative design. With live horse racing data from over 100 tracks globally, TPD’s system is employed by racetracks around the world to produce broadcast graphics, live horse positions, speed and split time stats.

TPD’s in-race and post-race data – including live coordinates, sectional times, stride data and speed charts – are utilised by bettors and betting syndicates to inform live and pre-race trades across five continents.

Racing participants including trainers, owners and regulators benefit from TPD insights to aid decision making on race planning, sales and welfare.

The biggest Sportsbooks in the world partner with TPD to enhance their racing product offering via in-play betting odds, live visualisation and unique betting insights.

Racing broadcast media, streaming providers and form websites harness TPD’s rich datasets to enhance user experience and bring new insights to existing and new racing audiences alike.

About GMAX

Since the founding of Total Performance Data, the company have maintained an exclusive partnership with Gmax Technology Ltd, who provide products and services to monitor the performance and welfare of horses. Gmax use the latest sensors and wireless technologies to deliver insights into horse’s performance to maximise competitive advantage and welfare.

The Gmax Race System tracks all horses in a race and provides real-time data including speed, position, stride length, running order and timing. The lightweight low-cost GPS trackers are approved by racing regulators and designed for the rigours of racing. The system is portable and can be set-up and managed on race days by a single operator.

Data from the system is streamed at very low latency and used to power live TV graphics, in-field display boards, and novel mobile and internet animations of racing. It can also be accessed post-race to deliver new insights into horse performance and welfare.

The technology also enables new opportunities for interactive services, to improve the experience of organisers, competitors, owners and fans, and provide new channels for sponsorship and revenue.

As well as the trackers themselves, Gmax provide a full suite of accessories and services to allow the implementation of a complete solution. This includes the ‘Gmax Eye’, a wireless rechargeable optical timing system for precision timing, and the Gmax Graphics system, which renders the live tracking data into slick video visualisations to provide an out-of-the-box solution to broadcasters wishing to display the tracking data on live TV. The Gmax team can also assist in on site installation, and offers cost effective saddle cloth manufacture with pockets for the tracking system.

The Gmax Race system is the most widely deployed thoroughbred race tracking system, providing data used by regulators, broadcasters and racing professionals around the world. Our experience gained from tracking more than 500,000 horses over a seven year period means we are the market leaders for horse racing timing and data.

Board of directors

A Silicon Valley technology visionary. Jeremy spent 18 years at Google leading engineering teams for YouTube, Chrome and Gmail. 

Previously he worked at BBC Multimedia and Microsoft. 

Most recently Jeremy headed up a team of over 2,500 developing streaming technologies with ESPN+.

The Team

  • Will Kendall – COO
  • George Deedes – Content Director
  • John McBroom – Commercial Director
  • Adam Moore – Commercial Executive
  • Tayla Buck – Executive Assistant
  • Gazi Rahman – Software Developer
  • Sergiy Savostin – Software Developer
  • George Swindells – Data Scientist
  • Ben Bangbala – Software Developer
  • Paul Brierley – Racecourse Operator
  • Viv Eggins – Racecourse Operator
  • Jon Chapman – Racecourse Operator
  • Seran Sherwood – Racecourse Operator
  • Ella Gillings – Content Operator
  • Kirsty Ray – Racecourse and Content Operator
  • Riccardo Riccio – Content Consultant

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