Race Graphics

TPD supplies graphics for streaming, broadcast, and big screen to provide viewers with live speed, time data and positional information.

Live Race Graphics Examples

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Gulfstream Park

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Jockey Cam: Pizza Bianca

What do our Graphics Show?

Bringing racing to new audiences

TPD’s graphics illuminate what is actually happening in the race. Racegoers no longer have to wonder if the pace is too fast or too slow, or peek through their binoculars to decipher which position their horse is in.

With TPD graphics at your racetrack and broadcast, you can show how the race is unfolding. Leader pace, field order and sectional times can be displayed on screens and mobile devices.

Gmax Graphics

Developed in-house by our technology partners Gmax Technologies Ltd, our graphics solution enhances the racing experience both for racegoers at the track and fans online.

Overlayed on top of the broadcast of the race, these graphics include the running order for the race, speed of the leader, split times and more. If you’re interested in our GPS tracking and graphics system for you racetrack, get in touch below.

Key Benefits:

TPD supplies graphics for online streaming, TV broadcast and racetrack big-screen.
Graphics can provide viewers with speed, time and positional information live during the race
Graphics systems are provided alongside remote monitoring and support to ensure smooth operations on raceday
The graphics design is customised by our team to suit your requirements
Jockey Cam integration available upon request

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