Race Tracking & Timing

Our GPS tracking solution delivers live positional data to drive in-race graphics, sectional times, in-play odds and unique statistics from your racetrack

Our timing solution

Working with technology and engineers from the world famous Cambridge tech cluster, the team at Gmax Technologies Ltd have designed and developed a state of the art GPS tracking systems used to record and deliver the TPD data.

Using the latest GPS / GNSS technology, Gmax’s race timing offers an affordable and easily operated live sectional timing solution.

In race, real time positions are transmitted within fractions of a second; facilitating speed, stride length, sectional times and split time calculations, all while the race is in progress.

Our GPS solution

GPS trackers Communicate with Satellites in Orbit
Radio Signals Transmitted from the GPS trackers to the Arial
Data Sent to and Processed at Base Station from the Racecourse

Data Transmitted to PC/Mobile Devices Worldwide via the Internet

Why choose our GPS solution?


Comparatively to other providers, the GPS system from TPD requires minimal infrastructure providing racecourses the chance to collect, display and distribute in-race data at an affordable price point.

Fast Installation

The TPD installation team only requires a day to install and test the equipment. We will survey your track(s), implement a simple antenna and train your operator(s).

Easily Operated

Our simple to use system is ready to go from the day we install. Automatic loading of pre-race information including race times and horse information means that once you connect to the system each race day, tags are ready to be assigned and results fetched automatically.

Remote Monitoring

With remote monitoring on two continents, TPD provides remote 24/7 support and monitoring to all our GPS systems around the world.

Up and running within weeks

In-race timing no longer has to be an expensive and drawn out installation. TPD’s bespoke GPS technology uses the GNSS satellite network to calculate the position of each horse in the race, while custom software transmits data within fractions of a second.

Our installation team can install and test within a single day and our remote support and monitoring centre guarantees round the clock support for your on-course team.

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