TPD Strides - live stride data for horseracing

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Petite Jack has a longer stride length than Toast of New York!

TPD Strides offers low latency, live stride data for the first time in the UK - and probably the world.

Stride data is calculated and transmitted live from every runner tracked by TPD. At The Races will be displaying this data, in addition to TPD's sectional and split times, in the coming weeks.

Offered as part of the Race Pace System, TPD Strides is a significant technical breakthrough after significant R&D.

Here is an example, taken from Race 4 at Lingfield Park on Wednesday, won by Toast of New York. Our data shows that Petite Jack, who came second, has a longer stride length than the winner.

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The TPD team continues to work towards creating further innovative products that are changing the way racing is enjoyed and bet upon.

Media Release: At The Races Launch on screen Sectional Timing

TPD race pace data powers speed and split times

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  • Sectional timing and in-race data now available on screen for the first time
  • Roll out of on screen data on At The Races has commenced for races from Wolverhampton with ARC's other all-weather racecourses to follow during Season 5 of the All-Weather Championships
  • For over a year all sectional timing and in-race data from every All-Weather Championship race on ARC's four all-weather racecourses has been available on

This week Wolverhampton Racecourse’s fixtures became the first in British Racing to have sectional timing and in-race data shown on screen by At The Races.

Viewers of At The Races are now able to see, in real time, a wealth of new information on the screen which includes:

  • The speed of the leading horse;
  • The time taken by the leading horse to complete each furlong; and
  • The total time taken for the race to be run.

 At The Races will now show on screen data for every race from Wolverhampton Racecourse as part of the channel’s coverage of season 5 of the All-Weather Championships. On screen data for races at ARC’s three other all-weather racecourses - Lingfield Park, Newcastle Racecourse and Southwell Racecourse - will follow shortly.

For the last three years Arena Racing Company (“ARC”), At The Races and Total Performance Data (“TPD”) have been working together to develop this exciting field which has huge potential for British Racing.  Sectional Timing and in-race data gives new ways of analysing the sporting action and can highlight fascinating stories by shining a light on the way a race was run, rather than just the result. It also provides the opportunity for the racing industry to develop its relationship with bookmakers by creating information that can feed into existing and new in running betting markets.

Since October 2016, At The Races, via has been providing detailed statistics on race pace, mid race positioning, energy distribution, and sectional splits. After each race a comprehensive dataset of in-race timing is available to help racing fans analyse the performance of each horse.  All information is available here: with a full guide on what the data means here:

At The Races’ Executive Producer, Rob Dakin, said: “This is an exciting step forward giving fans of the sport new information and insight about racing in a manner which is easy way to appreciate and understand. The team at TPD are using the latest satellite technology to produce robust data which our team can now share with our viewers on our TV channel and website. We look forward to developing this further in the months ahead as we cover more action from the All-Weather Championships.”

Total Performance Data’s CEO, Will Duff Gordon, said: “Our aim at TPD is to use data to bring horseracing firmly into the modern era by providing the added content and information which fans have come to expect from all sports.  This important development with At The Races gives us a new opportunity to showcase data to their viewers but is only the start of what can be achieved in the future. We are eager to bring on screen information to fans watching racing from ARC’s other all-weather racecourses, along with a range of other exciting initiatives. These include measuring horse stride lengths and frequency, as well as bringing sectional timing to jump racing.”

ARC’s Director of External Affairs, Susannah Gill, said, “We are really pleased to be in partnership with TPD and At The Races in order to help bring sectional timing to British Racing. It is requiring significant time and investment from all involved but we fully believe it will make an enormous contribution to the sport in the years ahead.”

TPD is the first company to develop a viable and reliable way to collect and distribute sectional timing and in-race data using only GPS.  The process is set out below:

  • Each horse must carry the speed sensing device in their number cloths. This currently weighs 100 grams and has been officially approved by the sport’s governing body since December 2015 with the rules of racing amended to include in the race conditions the requirement for all horses to carry the speed sensing device;
  • To facilitate this all number cloths across ARC racecourses were replaced in 2016 with new designs by TPD to ensure the timing device could be carried in the optimal position behind the saddle;
  • TPD’s Race Pace positional data streams live racing calculations using the latest GPS technology. During the race, real time positions are transmitted within fractions of a second, facilitating speed and split time calculations in real time;
  • Data travels from the horses back to the broadcaster in under 50 milliseconds; and
  • In addition, At The Races then covert the TPD data feed into a set of user-friendly graphics for display on

RCA Showcase & Award Nomination for TPD and Arena Racing Company

RCA Showcase nomination image.jpg

The partnership between Total Performance Data, Arena Racing Company and At The Races has resulted in a nomination for the RCA Showcase & Awards for:

Digital and Social Media Excellence

TPD are delighted to have been the provider of race pace data to enable racecourse and broadcast partners to bring in-race betting to the UK market.

Bookmakers are now able to host exciting new betting markets on the back of data provided by TPD. This include[s] 'the fastest furlong run' and 'fastest MPH achieved' for the Sky Bet Summer Sprint Series at Royal Windsor on 21st August. The fastest horse came last!
If this data increased in-play betting by 10% it would be a £500 million opportunity for bookmakers which would be a massive ROI and help racing maintain its share of the betting market (Totally Gaming, July 2017)

You can find out more about the RCA Showcase & Awards 2017, and book your tickets here.

Bookmakers to embrace 'big data' to shift racing's betting landscape


Racing fans will soon be able to place bets with a bookmaker on their mobile phone as races are being run, thanks to advances in GPS technology and data transmission times which could change the betting landscape for casual and committed gamblers alike. Detailed information on sectional times within races, precisely how much ground each horse has covered, its stride length and pattern, and how quickly it clears an obstacle over jumps will also be more widely available, as racing starts to fully appreciate – and exploit – the wealth of data it generates.

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After the off – Opportunities in live betting

SBC Events, Betting on Sports Conference
London Olympia, 13 September, 2pm

"Has horseracing missed an opportunity to engage new punters with live betting products? What obstacles are facing the sport in providing the best data to facilitate live betting?"

Billed as the "strongest ever speaker lineup" The SBC Betting on Sports Conference kicks off next week in London. CEO of Total Performance Data, Will Duff Gordon, will be on stage Day 1, 13 September, at 2pm. He joins a panel of expert speakers, discussing the opportunities and challenges facing gaming and racing and bringing our take on live racing data to the largest international sports betting conference in London.

See the full agenda here.


For The Races: Bringing Technology to Racing

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A sport that is almost entirely built upon opinion and judgement, Horse Racing has always been based upon interpretation more so than anything else. We judge a race by the eye, a pace by how we see it unfold and what we take forward from that is how we all form our own idea of future winners. It’s what makes the sport so fascinating and creates so much discussion, although anything but an exact science.

With new technology ever evolving, there has been a company by the name of Total Performance Data quietly going about their business of making all the unknown quantities of racing more readable, exact and available. TPD, who have had their tracking and timing technology working at all sixteen Arena Racing Company (ARC) venues, are making moves in bringing real-time data from the saddle cloths to give a bigger picture of whats going on during the races.

We caught up Will Duff Gordon, CEO of Total Performance Data, to give us a bit more of an insight into what they do, plans for the future and how those who study the cards at may have been using some of their data unknowingly.

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Yogonet: TPD eyes Latin American expansion after successful deal with top Argentina racecourse

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Total Performance Data CEO talks about the impact of its GNSS/GPS technology on operators and shares plans for the company’s future in Latin America after securing an agreement with Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo in Buenos Aires, Argentina: “We are having many interesting discussions around how our technology can strengthen operator’s racing offering.”

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Augmented Reality Racing - a UK first

VR lens.jpg

For the first time in British horseracing, TPD were offering a select few the chance to test live VR racing. With a custom headset images were streamed live to the on-course audience.

With a jockey's eye view of all the racing action, and brilliantly rendered images of the racecourse, viewers experience the race in 360 degree VR. Counting down to the finish line, and showing a top speed of up to 42 mph, the VR graphics can be streamed on and off course.