For The Races: Bringing Technology to Racing

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A sport that is almost entirely built upon opinion and judgement, Horse Racing has always been based upon interpretation more so than anything else. We judge a race by the eye, a pace by how we see it unfold and what we take forward from that is how we all form our own idea of future winners. It’s what makes the sport so fascinating and creates so much discussion, although anything but an exact science.

With new technology ever evolving, there has been a company by the name of Total Performance Data quietly going about their business of making all the unknown quantities of racing more readable, exact and available. TPD, who have had their tracking and timing technology working at all sixteen Arena Racing Company (ARC) venues, are making moves in bringing real-time data from the saddle cloths to give a bigger picture of whats going on during the races.

We caught up Will Duff Gordon, CEO of Total Performance Data, to give us a bit more of an insight into what they do, plans for the future and how those who study the cards at may have been using some of their data unknowingly.

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