TPD Buys Bet Mover from Level Software

21.03.16 Bet Mover In Play Viewer screenshot.png

Low latency in-running data displays

TPD have signed a deal with Level Software to purchase the IP for Bet Mover to reach one-click bettors into the Betfair Exchange.

A leading player in the Betfair Vendor App community, Bet Mover have created a lightning fast in-play web app to combine Betfair odds streaming and TPD’s in-play data. One-click betting integration makes this the perfect in-play betting and trading app for punters, pro-gamblers and casual gamers.

The functionality is the richest display of its kind anywhere in the world of racing and the in-play subscription module offers users access to:

  • Race Map Progress Display

  • Machine learnt per second Pars

  • In Play acceleration

  • In Play jumping fluency

  • One-click betting and trading

  • Runner Positions

  • Ranking of live split times

  • MPH per horse

Over 700 UK and 1000 North American fixtures are already trading live on Bet Mover with TPD’s added content.

This is by no means an exclusive relationship since we are keen to work with as many Betfair Vendor Apps as possible. This community serves at least 10,000 punters and TPD’s fast array of live performance metrics can help super charge the way people bet in-play.

Using live energy efficiency information to judge race pace, for example, will hugely diversify the types of in-play betting strategies that are popular. There are lots of tutorials and demos on Bet Mover’s platform as we open up the great game of racing to people who haven’t traditionally done much live betting.

The acquisition sees Nigel Dove, of Level Software, join the team at TPD to continue to improve the Bet Mover product.

Will Duff Gordon, CEO of Total Performance Data says, “Bet Mover already had thousands of users and some great features so when Nigel (who we knew from his work to show the TPD data on Geegeez) asked if he could make our live content dance, we were delighted to make this happen.

Racing fans have been asking us to create an in-running visualiser and we are delighted to be bringing our rich stream of in-running data to this key audience. By acquiring Bet Mover to deliver this product, we have brought more interactive features and lucrative betting opportunities to punters and pro gamblers alike. Nigel is a first-class software developer who brings a deep understanding of this market segment to TPD.”

Nigel Dove, of Level Software adds, “Working with TPD to build Bet Mover has helped me to deliver an interactive and exciting product to this important market in horseracing betting. I am delighted to be joining Will and the team at TPD and I am looking forward to working with them as they hit the next exciting phase of growth.

To subscribe to TPD’s Bet Mover Module, visit our website at