Horserace Betting Levy Board to invest 900k into UK Tracking


Total Performance Data welcomes this investment and believes that real time tracking and sectional timing are essential tools for enhancing engagement with racing’s existing and future audiences.   

TPD is delighted to hear that the UK Horserace Betting Levy Board are financially supporting the rollout of tracking and timing. We look forward to working with all parties to help further develop this exciting strand of work which can have significant long term benefits for the sport. We are particularly grateful for the ongoing support of the BHA, together with the RCA and Horsemen to ratify this funding.  

To date, TPD has published data, free of charge, from 88,000 horses over 11,000 races in the UK and North America over the last 3 years on 22 installations.

With strong commitment from ARC, ATR and early adopter bookmakers, TPD’s UK rollout is already producing live data on 12 ARC racecourses.  We are on schedule to complete the installation at the remaining few ARC racecourses by October this year – using world leading GPS tracking technology that is unique in measuring racehorse stride patterns.  

We are an independent company with a flexible commercial model with the aim of making this great sport as engaging and commercially progressive as we can. We are continuing to roll out our service in the US and look forward to increasing our UK coverage. 

TPD is already commercialising the data with our bookmaker partners and creating new revenue for the sport every day. We fully share the Levy’s Board’s criteria whereby this funding is to speed up progress and drive faster investment leading to a position where the technology is self-sufficient by 2021, available on every UK racecourse and generating new levy through new betting turnover.