In-Running at Fakenham

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Speed and stride data from Total Performance Data at Fakenham Racecourse

Fakenham Racecourse has become the latest UK racecourse to adopt in running timing from Total Performance Data (TPD).

Providing speed, strides and splits from all racing at Fakenham, data is published on At The Races. As the data inventory grows, course pars will be established and a more complete picture will be available to punters and commentators.

Will Duff Gordon, CEO, Total Performance Data comments, “We are delighted that Fakenham Racecourse have chosen to work with TPD and we are looking forward to bringing ever more UK tracking data to more audiences in 2020.”

David Hunter, Chief Executive, Fakenham Racecourse, says, “Total Performance Data are offering a level of in running timing and race statistics that are not available anywhere else and we have been impressed with TPD’s slick installation.”

The next raceday at Fakenham Racecourse will be the Valentine’s Day Raceday on 14 February. All UK In-running data from Total Performance Data is published on At The Races.